Today 20th of April during the physical education class, a teacher called Laia has come to show us juggling tricks.

We have done a lot of juggling tricks like carioca, diabolo sticks, rackets and ropes.

But Laia was only making diabolo’s tricks.

First Catalina and Celeste divided the class in groups.

In my group were: Hugo, Ariadna, Almudena, Adriana and Elisa.

When the class began, my group started making carioca’s tricks.

Then, we make some activities with devil sticks, with rackets and ropes.

When we have finished with the diavolo’s sticks, Laia taught us how to do 2 tricks named the elevator and the leg.

I enjoyed very much the visit of Laia.

I would like to repeat this activity.

Marcos V.