Elisa Muñoz Bécares, my mother, was born on July 12, 1971, she is 48 years old. Her mother Amor Bécares didn´t work but she was an excellent painter. Her father, Teodoro Muñoz, was the manager of a saving bank.

My mother lived her first years in Alberic but when she was 9 she moved to Valencia. She studied Geography and History with Celia’s mother and they became archaeologists. But now she works in Leroy Merlin.

Elisa is always smiling, but she is also hard-working, intelligent, orderly … Physically in appearance, she is short, with greenish blue eyes, with small foot.

She has a wonderful husband and two daughters, Blanca and Elisa (me).

Her hobbies are reading, traveling, spending time with her daughters, shopping, playing board games… among other things.

Elisa B