Plastic is the most used material in the world. But, is it really necessary?  Could we replace it with something else?

Plastic has a lot of advantages: it is very light which makes everyday life easier. Plus, it is usually an insulating material. Also, it is very resistance, which makes it very useful and sometimes irreplaceable

But plastic also has a lot of disadvantages: during the manufacturing, the world is polluted and the air is contaminated. Also, marine life is in danger, because it can´t survive with plastic in its habitat.

If plastic is reusable, but it is mixed with other kind of plastics, a very low-quality product is obtained. And if it´s not reusable, it can be a threat to the environment without being almost used.

To conclude, I think we should reduce the use of plastic and try to help the endangered species instead of polluting their habitat.

Ariana G.