The book that I have read is “Charlie and the Chocolate factory” by Roald Dahl and it is illustrated by Quentin Blake.

The book is about a child who is very, very poor and lives with his grandparents, his father and his mother.

One day, Mr.Willy Wonka sent five golden tickets around the world, and if you found one of them you could come to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Charlie found a golden ticket in his chocolate bar. And he and one of his grandfathers lived a lot of adventures such as when Agustus Gloop fell in the chocolate river.

I like a lot this book because it has a lot of adventures and it is very funny. My favourite part is when the oompa-loompa sing their songs.

I know that this book has a film directed by Tim Burton.

Roald Dahl is my favourite author because I have read a lot of books of him.

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The hidden words that I have found are: