I am Riya Natalwala and I was born in Sydney, Australia.

My parents are Manisha and Hitesh Natalwala, my mother was a mental health nurse and my father is an artist. My sister is Mira and she is 15 years old, we always used to play imaginary games together when we were younger. My grandmother is Kalavati Tailor and my grandfather is Summuk Tailor.

I was born in Australia, I lived there for two years so I cant remember, but after I moved to England, where I went to ´´Hayden hall nursery´´ and then ´´West lodge primary school´´, I lived there for 7 years and now I live in Spain.

When I was younger my favorite childhood toys were ´´LEGO friends´´ and ´´Monster high´´ dolls.

My best memory is when me and my family went to Milan and we saw Ginger spice from ´The spice girls´, and my mum wouldn’t stop trying to take pictures of her!

In the future when I am older I would like to visit Antarctica to see a polar bear, which is my favorite animal.



Riya N. 6th of Primary