The other day I saw a documental about stop motion. It is an animation technique that gives “life” to static objects through photographing them and moving them a little bit, every frame. When you play these photos at a speed of 24 frames per second, they will seem like they are moving.

The documental also talked about Ray Harryhausen, a stop motion animator, (1920, USA). It said that he was good at drawing, sculpturing, modelling and giving life to creatures.

Ray Harryhausen was inspired to do stop motion by the film “KING KONG” in 1933, when he was 13 years old. He liked to put mythology, dinosaurs, fiction monsters and flying alien saucers in his films. All his work was handcrafted, he never used computers.






Many films by Ray Harryhausen are:

– The beast from 20.000 Fathous

– 7th voyage of Simbad

– Jason and the Argonauts

– Clash of Titans

– One million years B.C


He was a big influence on great directors like Steven Spielberg (E.T), George Lucas (Star Wars), Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) and Nick Park (The Wrong Trousers).

Ray Harryhausen retired because the cinema was starting to change. Movies where starting to be different, with violence, and with computers, directors started to make another type of film



Ariana G.